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Ämmä was built in the built-up area of Ämmänsaari and was the first power plant finished the River Emäjoki. The power plant designed by Aarne Ervi has a maximum capacity of 16 MW.

Aittokoski Ämmäkoski


The construction started in 1957 by building service buildings, concrete mixing plants and housing in the area. The construction of the power house, foundations for the dam and excavations for the headrace and tailrace started in the same year. The canal that reached Kiantajärvi (Lake Kiantajärvi) was also digged. [1]

The construction of the concrete framed power house advanced quickly. So did all the other concrete works. Water could be released to the headrace at the end of the year in 1958. At the same time, the other branch of the river, Jalonhaara, was closed with an embankment. The power plants on the Emäjoki - Ämmä, Seitenoikea and Aittokoski - were built in series, so that the workforce and machines moved from one site to another as soon as different stages were finished. Ämmä hydroelectric plant was finished in 1959 and the machinery connected to the power grid on 14 November 1959.[2]

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[2] Ibid, 50



Technical information 

Owner: Fortum Power and Heat 

Built: 1957-1959 

Designer: Aarne Ervi, architect 

Capacity: 16 MW, head 10-13 m 

Power house: In-situ concrete frame, cladded with fibre-reinforced cement board 

Special features: Located in Ämmänsaari conurbation

Protection status: Classified as RKY (Nationally significant built cultural environment – RKY 2009: Hydropower plants on the River Oulujoki and Sotkamo Route).[3]

[3] Veli-Pekka Huhmo. Oulujoen vesistön voimalaitosarkkitehtuuria. Oulu: Humanpolis Oy, 2017

Residential area

Ämmä has a medium sized residential area with wooden detached houses.


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